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Couple of sonnets written for my boyfriend...

Life was a battle against depression,
I could find nothing of meaning to me.
But now I reveal a great confession,
The best anti-depressant comes for free.

Something that seems to come so natural,
I endlessly spent time trying to find.
Apparently not natural to all,
Now that it is mine, I have peace of mind.

My life now has beautiful meaning,
A meaning I feel compelled to share.
All it took was a lil’ bit of searching.
I no longer have to look everywhere.

Love is what makes life amazingly grand,
It must be experienced hand in hand.


You awaken the life inside of me,
You are the only thing that makes me feel.
With you there is a new world that I see,
I have found that happiness can be real.

These silly words do no justice to you,
The most magnificent thing I've ever seen.
My heart is no longer an icy blue.
This is the happiest I've ever been.

Tell me you can feel this great connection.
Tell me these feelings surround you as well.
You are my own cure for my depression,
Before you there was everlasting hell.

I swear on all I can, it's true;
As I profess to the world, I love you.
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